About MVNOs

Thanks to innovation from mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) the global mobile market changes rapidly and the challenge for mobile network operators (MNOs) has been to stay at the forefront of these changes.

MNOs often find this hard due to internal legacy systems, complex operational processes, a focus on core products to the exclusion of potentially profitable niches, and the lack of a way to engage with more entrepreneurial partners.

In spite of these difficulties, enterprising MNOs have found that their wholesale business has grown tremendously as MVNOs can target niche markets and generate significant revenues for the host operator.

Asel Telecom focus is on helping MNOs work smoothly and profitable with MVNOs.

Asel Telecom is the next generation, independent, Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator and Enabler (MVNA/E) with hands-on experiences from MVNO.

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Lower Complexity: MNOs do not have the to deal with administering the process associated with the launch and day to day operations with each MVNO

Lower Cost : MNOs save on infrastructure, subscriber, acquisition coast, platform expenses and risks.

Higher service quality : A dedicated MVNE/A is more responsive to the different demands of each MVNO.

Lower time to market : Asel Telecom is one stop-shop and offers MVNOs more comprehensive solutions. This will dramatically decrease the time needed to launch an MVNO.

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